ProLase Server

ProLase 10 Server is a COM automation server that allows OEM or end-users to write custom
applications that can access the capabilities of ProLase. Any COM compatible language can
be used including Microsoft Visual Basic, C# and many others.

This allows users to create custom operator interfaces, and implement logic not available in the ProLase GUI. The ProLase Server API provides capabilities for the user application to load job files (.LAZ), modify
the properties of layers, objects, fixture, configuration, laser settings, and then mark the
job file. Marking is multi-threaded allowing he user appicaiton to monitor or interrupt the
marking process in real-time. Sample applications written in VB are included in the ProLase
installation. These samples demonstrate the load, modify, mark capabilities and are the
starting point for most customer created applications. Although American LaserWare does not
do custom programming, we can recommend consultants with ProLase Server API experience in
case the user does not want to do the programming himself.

List of downloads include current versions of ProLase 10, and Archive of older versions.

Available Downloads


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