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American Laserware, Inc.
P.O. Box 845
Goldenrod, FL 32733

Phone: 407-366-2237
Fax:   407-366-4691

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American Laserware: The Leader in Laser Marking Software

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The world's largest independent supplier of galvanometric laser marking software, American Laserware, Inc. offers a variety of laser marking software solutions for both end-users and OEMs.

Incorporating decades of experience, our products are the brains for more than 3,000 industrial laser marking systems located all over the world.  We support most available galvanometric servo interfaces including analog and digital.  Our products are designed to work as retro-fit or original components on most galvanometric laser marking systems.

Our most current product is ProLase for Windows 7.  This high-end laser marking software system is richly featured, loaded with advanced capabilities, including importation of many vector and bitmap graphics formats, finely tunable bar code formats including ID Matrix 2-D codes, precise vector hatch fill for graphics and True Type fonts, tool path optimization, and a large variety of configurable drivers for various laser/galvanometer configurations to name just a few.

New Rich Text Editor feature

Graphic function that produces vector files in Prolase format

Auto tile capability

Distrotion Correction