ProLase DCA

ProLase DCA is a 6-axis control system (X, Y, Z (focus), and A (rotational)) which replaces our
previous ProLase Plus product. ProLase DCA includes all of the ProLase Plus features including
Fixture File XY table step and repeat, by Layer axis positioning, and 2-axis AutoTile. DCA
includes the addition of our high speed Direct Control of “A” (DCA), when using AutoTile
cylindrical marking. The speed improvement comes from removing the external controller for the A
(rotational) axis and replacing with step and direction signals generated directly by the RTC card
digital I/O port. The motor itself can be a simple low resolution stepper motor, 200 steps per
revolution will work just fine. The chuck is mounted directly to the shaft of the motor without
any kind of gearing. The motor must have enough torque to move the chuck and the part being marked
with a minimal step time. Since very small angular tiles can be efficiantly marked, seaming
problems are minimized. Using Seam Compensation can further reduce or eliminate seaming issues.
Eliminating the communication between ProLase and the external controller provides for improved
throughput and significantly lower system cost. The X,Y,Z axis are interfaced to an external
controller just like ProLase Plus.

List of downloads include current versions of ProLase 10, and Archive of older versions.

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